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Urban Ministry: City Stories

Beginning on the evening of the 8th of February Carrubbers Christian Centre will be hosting the first Rutherford House event on Urban Ministry – City Stories.

Rev Robert Calvert and Rev Malcolm McGregor will be discussing the changing nature of ministry in our towns and cities and looking at this mission field from a Biblical perspective.

The event runs over 4 Monday evenings in February and costs £12. Everyone who registers for the 4 weeks will receive a book and an invitation to an international meeting on Urban Ministry in Dundee in May 2016.

Registration is now open
City Stories Flyer

Books books books!!

With all this talk of black Friday sales, we thought it would be good idea to get in on the act. Of course, we don’t like to dwell on things that are black – we prefer to think on the light that shines into the darkness……

Bad puns aside, the following books are available from Rutherford House for the miniscule sum of £3 each – post and packing included.
Everyone’s favourite online bookstore (the one named after a South American river) charge £2.80 for delivery of a market place item – which is usually second hand. By applying those postal charges, we are effectively offering these titles at 20p each!!

All of these books are brand new, unmarked copies. If you are looking for a stocking filler or simply want to curl up in front of the fire and chew on some theology over the cold winter months, then please email with the title and number of copies you would like.
Orders placed on or before the 17th of December will be delivered before Christmas.

Available titles are:

A Study in the Concept of Transcendence in Contemporary German Theology – by Lorant Hageduis

Calvin’s OT Commentaries: Daniel part I – edited by D.F. Wright (hardback and softback editions available)

Calvin’s OT Commentaries: Ezekiel part I – edited by D.F. Wright (hardback and softback editions available)

The Challenge of Evangelical Theology – edited by N. M. de S. Cameron

Engaging the Doctrine of God – edited by Bruce McCormack

Issues in Faith and History – edited by N. M. de S. Cameron

Justification in Perspective – edited by Bruce McCormack

The Sovereign Spirit by Gwyn Walters

Spirit of Truth and Power – edited by D.F. Wright

Universalism and the Doctrine of Hell – edited by N. M. de S. Cameron

The Work of the Pastor by William Still

Stocks of these titles are limited, so order soon to avoid missing out….

Taking God at His Word


Theme of Book in 10 words: Unpacking what the Bible says about the Bible.

Relevant Quotation: “You do not need another special revelation from God outside the Bible. You can listen to the voice of God every day. Christ still speaks because the Spirit has already spoken. If you want to hear from God, go to the book that records only what he has said.”

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Scripture, as God’s special revelation to mankind, is a breathtaking gift. It equips the believer with knowledge about humanity and our need for salvation – and it presents us with knowledge about God and His gracious, merciful and loving provision that rescues us from sin. However, in the 21st century West, trust in the Bible has been undermined by decades, perhaps centuries, of liberal theology, scientific hypothesis and the teaching of other religions.

This book is a wonderfully accessible look at the doctrine of Scripture which examines what the Bible itself says about the credibility and reliability of its contents. Covering the four classic characteristics of Scripture; Sufficiency, Clarity, Authority and Necessity, De Young unpacks each quality against a Biblical framework and builds the reader’s confidence in the whole Bible as a consequence.

There is a handy appendix containing a list of 30 more books on the subject. However, this book reminded me that I don’t have to be a tenured academic to grasp this doctrine in reasonable depth and confirm that my confidence in God’s Word is well founded. If you can handle the Americanisms, this is a very handy book to read and to pass on.