Eldership: Thinking Biblically and Theologically

The purpose of Rutherford House is to help people think biblically and theologically.  This series of DVDs has been produced to assist those who are leaders or elders in the local church.  It will help develop their skills in thinking through issues in ways which reflect the teaching and theological emphasis of the Bible.

The main sections deal with the Bible in the life of the elder, foundations of eldership and responsibilities of the elder.  These units comprise three talks each of which last approximately 30 minutes.  The material is designed to be as flexible as possible in its use.  Some may wish to listen to the talks in a group and then discuss the material together.  Others may prefer to use the DVDs alone and reflect personally on the content.

The 3-DVD box set is accompanied with a booklet which gives a brief outline of each talk and where appropriate mentions some resources and some questions for consideration.  The Trustees of Rutherford House pray that you will find the talks stimulating and challenging and that this material will equip you for your ongoing ministry.

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