Theology 150

We all know the importance of reading in our Christian life. Theology 150 is a webpage set up to review Christian books with no more than 150 pages.  These books are ideal for Christians who can’t find the time to read or struggle to complete a book once started, seldom getting past the first 100 pages!  These books cover a variety of important theological issues and are well worth a read.  The good thing about Theology 150 is that the books are reviewed and rated for you by other readers.  You can also get involved with Theology 150.  If you come across any good short theology books in your travels, please let us know-we value reviews of great books!  To contribute, all you need to do is click on the link and fill out the quick review form.  Theology 150 Review Form

To read the review just click on the book!

Big God
Evil and the Cross
Why we Pray - William Philip
Discipleship Matters
The Prodigal God
The Pursuit of Holiness
Five Points - John Piper